White hair female anime

Top 10 Anime Girls with White Hair

Female white anime hair

Think about it β€” how many anime girls with white hair can you think of, compared to other hair colors? Check out this post on Quora for more on the definition of anime hair colors. With that being said: Here are 25 Anime girls with white hair with some of the best traits and personalities. Bright white hair and light blue eyes. Seitenshi is the ruler of Tokyo in the Anime β€” Black Bullet. And appears to have no emotions or feelings whatsoever. Sweet, innocent, gorgeous and generous. But will stand up for her friends and lay down the law if someone tries to hurt those she cares about.

White hair female animeWhite hair female anime

The Best Anime Girls With White Hair

There might be nothing that says more about an anime character than their hair color, sometimes giving away their entire personality before they so much as open their mouths. Besides that, white haired characters often possess remarkable strength or skill in their chosen field, making them excellent fighters and thinkers. There are a lot of white haired boys in anime, but for girls, creators tend to opt for the silver or grey hair look, so finding that true snow white can be tricky. Leonmitchelli from Dog Days Episodes: 13 Aired: April 2nd β€” June 25th Dog Days takes place in the fantasy world of Flonyado, where the Republic of Biscotti is forced to summon forth heroes from Earth to aid them, as they face an invasion by the Galette Leo Knights. Leonmitchelli, or Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois to use her full name, starts off as the main antagonist in the series.
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25 Of The Absolute Best Anime Girls With White Hair

Who is your favorite anime girl with white hair? There aren't too many white haired anime girls, as its more common for female characters to have colorful hair. That being said, let's rank the best female anime characters with white hair, with the help of your votes. Vote up your top picks for anime girls with white color hair, and add any characters to the list if they aren't here already!
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