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There are plenty of great superhero cartoons, but for kids growing up in the early to mids, Teen Titans was the best one around. Based on the early s New Teen Titans comics by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, the show followed a group of teenage superheroes--Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire--as they fought supervillains while getting into regular teenage shenanigans. Teen Titans differentiated itself from other superhero shows like Justice League and X-Men , which focused largely on adult superhero teams in action scenes and reenacting dramatic storylines from comics. Teen Titans also featured plenty of dramatic storylines, including Terra's betrayal of the Titans and Raven's apocalyptic birthday, many of which were lifted straight from the comics. Of course, this being a kid's show, much of the violence and mature themes from the comics had to be toned down or removed. They couldn't even call Slade by his supervillain name--Deathstroke--as the name was considered too scary for kids. That being said, the animators and writers were able to get quite a lot of stuff past Cartoon Network's censors.

Teen titans beastboy and raven teenage dreamTeen titans beastboy and raven teenage dream

Below are the known relationships of Beast Boy throughout the series. In " Dog Hand " when Trigon threatened Beast Boy, he transformed into a mouse to hide behind Cyborg when he was scared. It's likely true that Beast Boy feels safe near his best friend. In " Double Trouble ", Cyborg gets sick of playing caveman and dinosaurs, so he tricks Raven into creating a magical double of himself to play with Beast Boy. However, Beast Boy becomes best friends with the clone, leading Cyborg to become jealous and create a clone of Beast Boy, only for the clones to hang out, so that the real Beast Boy and Cyborg can reunite. After the tower gets overrun with clones, it is revealed that Beast Boy and Cyborg are also magical doubles, and the real Beast Boy and Cyborg took a few months of vacation in an apartment, playing video games together.
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The same creators behind the RAVEN graphic novel — now out a few weeks — had their next project lined up. While soon thereafter DC will be consolidating all their imprints under the DC Comics banner, killing Ink, the company also made sure to assert that all the projects would still continue. For people hungry for a modern interpretation of Garfield Logan, however, no wait is necessary.
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